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Knowledge is Power

A big part of taking control of your health is becoming a good critical thinker. We must take a hard look into ​facts versus myths, science versus bias, and practical versus emotional choices. Our society over the last few decades has become increasingly unhealthy as the speed at which our technology, food production, and world population increases exponentially. The incidence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases are on a sharp incline.  The common factor looks to be they ALL are largely METABOLIC DISEASES that can be associated with diet and insulin resistance leading to inflammation in the body.  Learning about our body and how it functions is something grossly under-taught and less understood for most people around the world.  This can lead to poor lifestyle choices at no fault of our own. Money continues to pour into industries like pharmaceuticals, mass farming, and lobby groups designed to make companies money at the expense of the people.

The correct response should be to fix the root cause not develop medicine, devices, and procedures to patch the growing epidemics of our time.

Here are suggested links to some of the best minds today using the latest science to undo damaging ideas and promote healthy ideas.

My first suggestion is to watch the documentary "The Magic Pill".

Ivor Cummins - Coronary Calcification - fixing the root cause of disease

Dr. Timothy Noakes - Insulin Resistance and High Carb Diets

Dr. Paul Mason - Treating Metabolic Syndrome

Dr. Ken D Barry - Lies my doctor told me

Dr. Steve Phinney - Ketogenic Diets

Dr. Rhonda Patrick - HDL, LDL, and the Gut

Dr. Eric Westman - The science behind Keto

Dave Feldman - Biohacking High Cholesterol Levels

Dave Feldman - It's about Energy, Not Cholesterol

Dr. Peter Attia - Macronutient Thresholds for Longevity

Dr. Peter Attia - What if we're wrong about diabetes

Dr. Jason Fung - Therapeutic Fasting